OpenSolaris Opening Day

went live today.
Congratulations folks !

I’ve been surfing through the site and went directly to the source
browser to check the LDAP library. It’s there. In fact there are 2 of
The libldap5 which is the most recent one (integrated for Solaris 10) and is based on the same code that is used for the Sun Java System Directory Server 5. And there is the libldap4,
integrated a long time ago. For sure, I know this code because I
wrote the LDAPv3 part of it back in 1996, for the Sun Directory
Services 1.0 product.

By the way, I’m really impressed by the speed of the source browser and the search feature…[ Nice work Chandan !]

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Planet Identity

I’ve been running a Sun internal version of Planet Identity for about 6
months now, as a way to follow the very interesting discussions about
Identity that are covered in several blogs.
And then came SuperPat and in a couple of days he registered the domain, got the Planet software installed and configured and Planet Identity is now live.
There are already lots of feeds aggregated on Planet Identity, but if you know some that should be there send a note to Pat.