OpenDJ: Extensible indexes for Internationalization.

While taming the subject of indexes, we recently had some discussion with one of our users who complained about long response times with some language specific search filter such as (cn:fr.6:=*John*).

These extended filters rely on I18N Collation matching rules and indexes that I’ve described in an old post for OpenDS.

It turned out that he had defined the matching rule for the index, and rebuilt it, but had missed an important part: the index-type did not include “extensible”.

The proper command to create an extensible index is the following :

dsconfig set-local-db-index-prop --backend-name userRoot --index-name cn \
 --set index-extensible-matching-rule:fr.6 \
 --add index-type:extensible \
 --hostname localhost --port 4444 \
 --bindDN cn=Directory\ Manager --bindPassword ****** \
 -X -n

fr.6 is the shortcut for the French substring collation matching rule which full OID is

Note that if you don’t specify the extensible index-type, the server will not build the index for the extensible matching rule. The use of the index-type is consistent with the other types of index, equality or else, and allows you to disable and re-enable extensible indexes without having to re-enter all  OIDs.

OpenDS in Polish

PolandflagPavel Heimlich just announced today, on the project users mailing list that the OpenDS project is now (partly) localized in Polish. Translation of the messages for the command line tools has been contributed by 2 members of the Polish OpenDS Community : Bartłomiej Pelc and Marek Roszkowski. Many thanks from the development team to both of you.

This is the 6th localization of OpenDS that is shipping. Other languages are still work in progress : Italian, Serb, Portuguese, Korean… If you want to contribute, it’s easy: Join the project as a Contributor, and create your account of the Community Translation Interface. The project is currently named OpenDS 2.3easy (it’s a subset of the whole OpenDS messages, leaving out the server error messages).

The Polish translation files are available in the latest daily build. If you want to turn of Polish localization or try some other language, check the tip for enabling / disabling specific language. If you find any problem with the translations, please let us know. You can either file an issue in the Issue Tracker, or send an email on the localization and internationalization mailing list : g11n (at)

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Lowering the bar for OpenDS Translation…

Opends Logo TagPavel Heimlich, also known as Hajma on in the OpenDS project and lead for many Translation projects, has gone through all of the OpenDS messages to figure out the ones that were still in use and important to translate. There is now a "simplified" OpenDS project in the Community Translation Interface that contains a 5th of the initial messages, making it easier and faster for the volunteers to translate OpenDS to their preferred language. There are currently on-going translation for chinese, french, german, japanese, korean, polish, portuguese, serbian and spanish, but new language projects can be initiated on demand.

If you’re interested, check the How To Guide.

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