OpenDS in Polish

PolandflagPavel Heimlich just announced today, on the project users mailing list that the OpenDS project is now (partly) localized in Polish. Translation of the messages for the command line tools has been contributed by 2 members of the Polish OpenDS Community : Bartłomiej Pelc and Marek Roszkowski. Many thanks from the development team to both of you.

This is the 6th localization of OpenDS that is shipping. Other languages are still work in progress : Italian, Serb, Portuguese, Korean… If you want to contribute, it’s easy: Join the project as a Contributor, and create your account of the Community Translation Interface. The project is currently named OpenDS 2.3easy (it’s a subset of the whole OpenDS messages, leaving out the server error messages).

The Polish translation files are available in the latest daily build. If you want to turn of Polish localization or try some other language, check the tip for enabling / disabling specific language. If you find any problem with the translations, please let us know. You can either file an issue in the Issue Tracker, or send an email on the localization and internationalization mailing list : g11n (at)

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