Simplifying OpenIG configuration…

In the article that I’ve posted yesterday, I’ve outline portions of configuration files for OpenIG. The configuration is actually only working with the latest OpenIG nightly builds, as it leverages some of the newest updates to the code.

One of the feedback that we got after we released was that configuring OpenIG was still too complex and verbose. So, we’ve made changes to the model, simplifying it, removing intermediate objects… The result is much smaller and easier to understand configuration files, but more importantly, easier to read back and understand the flow they represents.

My colleague Mark has done a great job of describing and illustrating those changes in a few articles :

OpenIG’s improved configuration files (Part 1)

OpenIG: A quick look at decorators

OpenIG’s improve configuration files Part 2


We’ve moved !

As ForgeRock is growing fast and we have a number of new hires joining us in the Grenoble Engineering Center, we’ve moved office for a larger space, still in the same building.

ForgeRock France new office building

The new office has a large open space area where all engineers (dev, QA and doc) can work and exchange.
open space in ForgeRock Grenoble Engineering Center IMG_3150

It also has a couple of smaller office for managers , and a decent meeting room, that has already been hacked 🙂


ForgeRock engineering center meeting room Engineers in action !


And the good news is that the new office will allow us to hire even more, in the next months and years.

ForgeRock France 2nd Anniversary

ForgeRock France was officially formed on October 25th, and so last week we marked our second anniversary.
In the past 2 years, we’ve grown from 1 to 4, to now 7 employees, and we’re still looking for talented software engineers for our research and development center in Montbonnot, France (near Grenoble, just on the edge of the Alps). We have opened positions for Java developers, Quality engineers and experts in Identity and Access Management. If you’re interested, check our website and apply from there.
But more important than the growth of the French part of ForgeRock, I’m really excited by the company as a whole. We’ve grown so much in every way since we’ve started, and it’s visible :

ForgeRock team as of end of September 2012, during our company meeting in Greece.

We’ve moved office !

As we’re growing the team in the Grenoble area, we’ve finally moved office to the “Silvaco” building in the Montbonnot tech area.

ForgeRock France new office building

We now have enough space for the whole team, interns and for the coming new hires (and yes, we still have positions opened). The facilities include a small cafeteria, some showers for the cyclers, soccer players or runners, and a well air-conditioned machine room that we haven’t fully taken advantage yet. Here are a few photos:

ForgeRock France office buildingInside office
ForgeRock France Office meeting room

We’re still in the progress of decorating the office, adding a more relaxed and friendly atmosphere, with certainly some “Rock attitude”.

If you’re in the neighborhood or you plan to pay us a visit, here’s the google map to come:

Don’t hesitate to drop by, we have coffee and may be more, especially if you are a developer with a passion for code and Java.

Finally, I’d like to have a special thank Mancala Networks and its CEO Marc Rozier for having hosting us for the last year, as we were building the team.

Open positions at ForgeRock

In the Grenoble officeDo you want to work with open source projects, build highly scalable identity middleware products, enjoy an international environment in a fast growing company and have fun ?

Check out our open positions.

We are seeking for a number of highly motivated and skilled software professionals to grow our engineering team, in Development, Quality and Technical writing. Our engineering teams are based in the Bay Area and Portland (USA), Bristol (UK) and Grenoble (France). We also have positions opened in Support, Sales, Account Management and Business Development.

View of Grenoble

A view of Grenoble, France. (c) January 2012, Ludovic Poitou.

1 Year Old and 1 New Architect

ForgeRock is exactly ONE year old today. As we’re a distributed and quite global company, we’re not going to blow the candle on the cake today. But I’m sure next time we meet, we’ll have one as nice as the one we had during our last company meeting in Faro, Portugal.

Also today is the first day at ForgeRock of Matthew Swift, as Architect for the OpenDJ project, growing the forces at the ForgeRock Grenoble Engineering Center. Matthew comes from Sun (Oracle) where he was leading the development of the core of OpenDS, as well as the LDAP Client API. He has been doing interesting work with regards to performances with the OpenDS server (he’s the one who provided me with nice numbers to present), and its reliability. Matthew has several years of experience building LDAP and Directory related products as well as Java development, for Sun, Bloomberg and Isode. He’s bringing his talent and energy back to the open source project and will help make OpenDJ an even stronger and better product.

I’m really delighted to work with Matthew again.

And what a great day today !

Directory “Engineering”

Arnaud a co-worker from the Sun directory engineering team, has taken the term "Directory Engineering" to a new level. Arnaud has always been a doer, someone who starts playing with things, investigate, test, benchmark… Recently, he’s been deploying OpenDS on Amazon cloud, configuring a Sun workstation running OpenSolaris with 4 displays in Xinerama mode and much more… 

But in the past few weeks, Arnaud started to play with hardware devices like USB Bit Whacker, a few lines of codes, his favorite server product and finally built this :

OpenDS Weather Station

The OpenDS Weather Station, provides a dashboard of the important metrics from an OpenDS server, showing instantaneously how loaded is the server.

Arnaud already has 3 Stations in order (I and other members of our team want one for demo purpose), but I’m not sure he’s ready to accept orders from other people and turn this into another business 🙂

Anyway, this is a nice little engineering project !

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