Directory “Engineering”

Arnaud a co-worker from the Sun directory engineering team, has taken the term "Directory Engineering" to a new level. Arnaud has always been a doer, someone who starts playing with things, investigate, test, benchmark… Recently, he’s been deploying OpenDS on Amazon cloud, configuring a Sun workstation running OpenSolaris with 4 displays in Xinerama mode and much more… 

But in the past few weeks, Arnaud started to play with hardware devices like USB Bit Whacker, a few lines of codes, his favorite server product and finally built this :

OpenDS Weather Station

The OpenDS Weather Station, provides a dashboard of the important metrics from an OpenDS server, showing instantaneously how loaded is the server.

Arnaud already has 3 Stations in order (I and other members of our team want one for demo purpose), but I’m not sure he’s ready to accept orders from other people and turn this into another business 🙂

Anyway, this is a nice little engineering project !

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2 thoughts on “Directory “Engineering”

  1. Seth Thomas 05 October 2009 / 07:12

    Thanks for getting this posted, I’ve been waiting to pass it around.

  2. Wayne Abbott 05 October 2009 / 16:54

    Cool stuff but that’s no surprise coming from Arnaud 😉

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