1 Year Old and 1 New Architect

ForgeRock is exactly ONE year old today. As we’re a distributed and quite global company, we’re not going to blow the candle on the cake today. But I’m sure next time we meet, we’ll have one as nice as the one we had during our last company meeting in Faro, Portugal.

Also today is the first day at ForgeRock of Matthew Swift, as Architect for the OpenDJ project, growing the forces at the ForgeRock Grenoble Engineering Center. Matthew comes from Sun (Oracle) where he was leading the development of the core of OpenDS, as well as the LDAP Client API. He has been doing interesting work with regards to performances with the OpenDS server (he’s the one who provided me with nice numbers to present), and its reliability. Matthew has several years of experience building LDAP and Directory related products as well as Java development, for Sun, Bloomberg and Isode. He’s bringing his talent and energy back to the open source project and will help make OpenDJ an even stronger and better product.

I’m really delighted to work with Matthew again.

And what a great day today !

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