OpenDS Silent install

Opends Logo TagOne of the things we’re the most proud of in the OpenDS project is the simplicity of installation and initial configuration, thanks to the Java Web Start QuickSetup installer. We say that you can download, install and configure OpenDS to run on your machine in less than 3 minutes and 6 clicks.

But OpenDS can also be downloaded as a Zip and installed with the setup program, which can be either graphical or in command line and even used in silent mode.

The OpenDS community is often full of resources and Lucas Rockwell pointed out to his script for downloading and installing OpenDS automatically. I’ve taken the liberty to improve his idea and show it here :


# This is the OpenDS version number to install

if [ -z “$1” ]

# Download with curl or wget, uncomment the preferred download method
curl -O${VER}/OpenDS-${VER}.zip
# wget -nd${VER}/OpenDS-${VER}.zip

unzip OpenDS-${VER}.zip

cd OpenDS-${VER}/

# Some possible option change :
# Replace -d 20 (generate sample data with 20 entries) with -a (create
# top entry) or -l <ldifFile> (load data from the LDIF file)
# Change -w “secret12” with -j /tmp/me/passwordfile to avoid hardcoded
# cleartext password
# Add -O to avoid starting the server after install
# Add -Q for a quiet install
# ./setup –help for more information on options

./setup –cli -n -b “dc=example,dc=com” -d 20 -p 1389 \
–adminConnectorPort 4444 -D “cn=Directory Manager” \
-w “secret12” -q -Z 1636 –generateSelfSignedCertificate

As you can see, it’s really trivial and it does the work from a few seconds to a few minutes depending on the speed of your internet connection.

The script can be downloaded here.

Have fun !

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