I can’t believe I missed the date…

Happy birthday to the OpenDS project.

A year ago, July 28th was the exact day we turned the switch on to the OpenDS.dev.java.net project.

We had a dinner at my house with most of the marketing, management team here at Sun, and Etienne and Steve had brought a cake for the occasion.

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It has been a fascinating and passionate year. We’ve went from releasing rough (but working) code to the first weekly build of what will be the OpenDS 1.0 release, from a couple of developers to 25 committers, working on the code, the tests, the documentation…

Like for a child, OpenDS first year has been the year where we learnt our environment, developed our abilities, and mostly focused on our needs. The second year will see us opening to the external world, starting to talk and interact better with other communities, give more of ourselves to the world and continue to grow. And we will try not to throw any tantrums 🙂

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