OpenDS Tab Sweep

A few tabs and URLs related to OpenDS that I need to share:

Last but not the least, if you haven’t checked the OpenDS new Control Panel GUI yet, grab a recent daily build and play with it… And tell us what you think about it.

OpenDS Control Panel

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OpenDS, IPS packages and Update Center 2

Picture 4The Update Center 2 project has just released a new version of the IPS packaging toolkit.

One of the nice new feature of the toolkit is the Custom Ant tasks for pkg(5) providing a easy way to produce IPS packages, package repositories and installation image for Ant based build environment.

Christopher Kampmaier has updated the example use of the pkg(5) toolkit for OpenDS, demonstrating the power of these Ant tasks.

No doubt that we will be integrating the IPS factory in the OpenDS Project in the near future.

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OpenDS LDAP server under accidental stress !

Full speedBill Hathaway, long time user of Sun Directory Server product, was recently playing with OpenDS, the open source LDAP directory server written in Java. After installing and populating the server with a million user entries, he started a "modrate" job and forgot about it… Approximately 327 millions changes later, and after 13 hours, the server was still running fine at an average of 7000 modifications per seconds !

Read the details on Bill’s blog.

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How To: OpenDS and IBM WebSphere Process Server

I’ve just found this morning this article about OpenDS and IBM WebSphere Process Server (WPS), posted on BigAdmin By Sachin Krishna Telang. It covers step by step the procedures for installing and configuring OpenDS 1.0 as the User registry for WPS

I’ve also added a reference to this article to the OpenDS Wiki page describing how to Use OpenDS With Specific Directory Enabled Applications, where we already have detailed procedures for GlassFish, Apache Web Server, Tomcat…

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It takes longer to boil an egg !

Nick Wooler recently moved from OpenSSO over to Directory Services team as the Product Line Manager. OpenDS and its commercial companion Sun OpenDS Standard Edition are now part of his daily matters. Not only he immediately tried the new toys, but he has scored a home run and produced this high quality screencast.

Watch how to install OpenDS, configure it and load 2000 sample entries, in less time than it takes to boil an egg !

Update on Sept. 2010

Oops, the movie is no longer available. Here’s another one done by @AlexisMP.

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Code for Freedom 2008

 Communities Univ Codeforfreedom Images L0 CodecontestSun announced Code For Freedom 2008, an open source code contest opened to any student of an accredited Indian Educational institution.

With this contest Sun intend to involve the large student community to join the open source movement by contributing to the various open source initiatives that Sun espouses.

The various Sun Technologies one can work on are: GlassFish, GridEngine, JavaDB,, Mobile & Embedded, MySQL, NetBeans, OpenDS, Open ESB, OpenJDK, OpenCDS, Open HA, Cluster,, OpenSPARC, OpenSSO, OpenSolaris, PostgreSQL, VirtualBox.

The complete details are here.

Have fun !

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OpenSSO Enterprise 8 unveiled…

OpenSSO Enterprise 8.0 visual
Yesterday, OpenSSO Enterprise 8.0 was launched in SecondLife.

In a very well attended session, Daniel Raskins and Jamie Nelson showed how OpenSSO Enterprise 8.0, known in its last release as Sun Access Manager, adds many new features, as well as being the first commercial release from the open source OpenSSO project.

What impress me most with OpenSSO Enterprise is the amount of work that has been put on user experience, simplifying the life of developers, deployers and administrators. With new features such as the embedded OpenDS LDAP server as the configuration store, the Fedlet, the Identity Services or the Java Web Start Installer

Check out a replay of the SecondLife Launch to get a sense of all the cool new features and capabilities.

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