16 reasons to choose OpenDJ

Nice post by Emidio on some good reasons to choose OpenDJ for LDAP directory services.
Looking forward to discuss and integrate the Crowd compatible PBKDF2 password storage scheme in the OpenDJ project.

Software Libero e non solo

For a client I needed to put in place an LDAP system to be connected with Atlassian Crowd (SSO), after doing a comparison with OpenLDAP,ApacheDS and OpenDJ I decided to go for OpenDJ for several reasons:

  1. It is open source released with CDDL 1.0 license; while Apache DS is released with Apache license and OpenLDAP with it is own license.
  2. it has worldwide commercial support, some here in Belgium; Apache DS has only one company and OpenLDAP has also it is worldwide support
  3. It is a fork of OpenDS like Oracle Unified Directory so you can still find common problems for  both products
  4. The project has a clear roadmap, also described in the wiki, also ApacheDS has it.
  5. The ForgeRock company provides also another SSO solution (OpenAM), so in case in a future I want to change SSO I can think to use it…

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