Bonjour de France…

I’m Ludovic Poitou, Software engineer and currently Architect in the Directory Server Team.
I’ve been at Sun since July 1995 (on my arrival the almost first question I asked was: where is Java ?).
I’ve been working on X.400 Messaging than moved to LDAP and Directory Services, working on all versions of the Directory Server at Sun. I’m also participating in the standardization of LDAP and its extensions within IETF.
I’m based near Grenoble in France (in the Alps). My wife is a journalist (for a nature magazine named “Forets” -Forests-) and we have 2 cute daughters (7 and 4 years old). We do a lot of skiing, hiking and we enjoy our small but productive kitchen garden.

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  1. Monkeyget 09 June 2004 / 09:29

    It’s nice to see an update here, i decided to remove this blog from my java>blog directory but i’ll wait a bit longer! (ahah now you are under pressure, do some nice java related news on this blog or you’ll loose one viewer :p).

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