Back to work…

Yes it’s time to go back to work.
I’ve had wonderful and very relaxing vacations. I spent most of them with my family on the Costa Brava, Spain, sharing our time between water activities (beach and swimming pool) and reading. My wife and I are heavy readers in our vacation times (during the rest of the year, we don’t have that amount of time for reading). This time I’ve read:

  • Stephen King, “The Dark Tower VI: Song of Susannah
  • 2 novells from Tonino Benacquista (French writer): “La Maldone de sleeping”, “Malavita”.
  • Michael Connely, “Chasing the dime”
  • Patrick Lapeyre, “L’homme-soeur” (French novell who won the Inter 2004 price)
  • Dan Brown, “The Da Vinci Code”
  • and I’ve started the complete Novells and Stories book from Didier Diderot.

Coming back from vacation is always scary as the flow of emails keeps coming while away from the computer. This time, I had to go through more than 3800 emails, most of which I’ve deleted but still a few hundreds required full attention. Anyway, I’m done with the email cleaning and back almost full speed to work on my prefered subjects: LDAP and Directory Server.
So while I was on vacation, the IETF meetings was being held in San Diego. I wasn’t present in person, but attended the LDAPBIS working group via Jabber (despite the very late time of the event, 2am in France)… Nothing much occured as the Jabber Log is indicating. LDAP is really mature now !