A quick and not so dirty HowTo documentation for Directory Server configuration

Dave recently blogged A quick and dirty HowTo manually configure Directory Server, where he explained how to configure Java Enterprise System Directory Server on Sparc from the command line.
The good news is that all of what he said was not only fully accurate but based on public interfaces and thus fully supported.
The explainations stand for the Java ES version of Directory Server on Solaris (sparc or x86), installed as native packages, and the steps described in his entry are written in our Installation and Tuning Guide.
The same steps will also work with Java Enterprise System 2004Q2 Directory Server on Linux, since we also support RPM packages and delivered the directoryserver utility (the path is different though: /opt/sun/sbin/directoryserver).
And of course, this will continue to work with Java Enterprise System 2005Q1 which is currently in the beta phase.

IETF meeting

I’m currently in Washington DC, attending the 61st IETF meeting.
For those who’s never been to an IETF meeting, think of it as a gathering of hundreds of internet geeks wandering in the conference hotel with laptops opened in front of them. IETF meetings occur 3 times a year, there are about 4 sessions per day, of 7 meetings in parallel running for 5 days from 9am until 10:30 pm for the latest. And many many corridor, bar, lunch discussions. (for the real curious I recommend reading the Tao of IETF)

My main focus is LDAP and the ldapbis working group, but I’m also following out of curiosity other working groups in the Application and the Security areas.

The ldapbis (ldapv3 revision) working group is about to conclude with the internet-drafts revising the LDAPv3 specifications going under final review before publication. The new drafts remove lots of the ambiguities of the existing RFC (RFC 2251-2256, 2829, 2830 and 3377), by citing explicitely the relevant parts of X.500. But one can say that LDAP is no longer lightweight. Anyway, the clarifications were necessary and we will be enforcing a stricter compliance to the specifications in coming releases of Sun Java System Directory Server.

The password policy for LDAP draft that I’m co-authoring was published late october and Jim and I spent some time together to work on the known issues and we should be pushing a revision pretty soon.

“Cannelle” killed this week-end…

The last remaining female bear native from the Pyrenees (a range of mountains between France and Spain) was killed this week-end by hunters who deliberately came close to the area known for the bears.

Cannelle was a 15 years old female bear and mother of a 10 months old bear cub. Chances of survival for the cub are small but reasonable if not disturbed. For this reason, the area is now fully protected and hunting banned.

There is about 15 bears left in the Pyrenees and only 2 males are indigenous. The other ones were imported from Slovenia.

Also in the last 2 weeks, two wolves (another native but protected species of the Alps), a male and an 18 months old female were shot in the Alps.

When will the man learn to respect wild life ? I hope it will be before all species are extinguished.