“Cannelle” killed this week-end…

The last remaining female bear native from the Pyrenees (a range of mountains between France and Spain) was killed this week-end by hunters who deliberately came close to the area known for the bears.

Cannelle was a 15 years old female bear and mother of a 10 months old bear cub. Chances of survival for the cub are small but reasonable if not disturbed. For this reason, the area is now fully protected and hunting banned.

There is about 15 bears left in the Pyrenees and only 2 males are indigenous. The other ones were imported from Slovenia.

Also in the last 2 weeks, two wolves (another native but protected species of the Alps), a male and an 18 months old female were shot in the Alps.

When will the man learn to respect wild life ? I hope it will be before all species are extinguished.