Solaris 10 move…

I’ve upgraded my workstation today to Solaris 10 (from Solaris 9 update 6).
For building and testing Directory Server,
I don’t need the leading edge operating system (and in fact, it is
better to keep a referenced version). So I’ve never taken the time to
upgrade. Now that Directory Server 5.2 patch 3 is done and waiting for
Sun Java Enterprise System 2005Q1 to be released, I’ve decided it was
time to give my workstation and desktop environment a little lifting.
After rebooting the workstation over the network, and clicking a few
times the Next button, the upgrade procedure started and about 20
minutes later, it was done: Solaris 10 was booting and the new login
page showed up.
While I was in the mood for change, I’ve also changed my window manager
and desktop environment for the Java Desktop 3. It’s slick and FAST…
I’ll be exploring Solaris 10 features and changes over the next
days. But for sure, I’ll be recommending my coworkers and others to
move as soon as possible.

More snow…

It seems that the snow has hit the northern hemisphere, in the US (see here , here or here).
Today the snow is hitting France. It started snowing in Grenoble today
around 9am and everything starts to turn white. It’s been heavily
snowing in the mountains last week, but the temperature is lowering and
so is the snow, hitting the valley.
Although located on the edge of the Alps and surrounded by 3 ranges of
mountains, Grenoble’s altitude is pretty low, 260 meters from sea
level, and snow usually hit the ground only a couple of times a

I really enjoy watching the snow falling, and I’m looking forward to the sun to come back and shine to go skiing.

A beautiful week-end

We spent the week-end in Aime at my in-laws. They live in the valley of Tarentaise just below La Plagne,
one of the biggest french ski resort. As the week-end was absolutely
gorgeous (so sunny and warm despite the -10 Celsius in the morning), we
spent both days on the slopes with our daughters.
The snow conditions are not really good right now, the layer is very
thin and packed, and it hasn’t snowed since the week between Christmas
and New Year’s eve., but the rumor is that the snow is planned for
Tuesday and Wednesday (even down in the valley in Grenoble).
However we managed to have some good time, by staying on the Montalbert sector, pretty well equiped with snow canons.
Noemie’s style is improving and she’s trying to go faster and faster.
Lea (5) is doing her best to follow the tracks of her big sister and she’s not the first one to ask for a break !

Let’s just hope that the next week-ends will be as good as this one,
for it helps to start a week of work with energy and enthusiasm.

Happy New Year

A happy new year to everybody.

I hope that you had a nice and relaxing holiday. Mine was ! I spent
time with my familly and friends, also visiting my parents on the
French Riviera.
Now the ski season is starting and we will be spending most of our week-ends in La Plagne which is a little bit more than 1 hour driving from our home.
Back to work today, I did my annual mailbox cleanup, ie archiving all the emails and folders and starting with an empty mailbox.
And now will be focusing on our next major release of the Directory
Server and Directory Proxy Server… Our themes for this release:
manageability and scalability.  More about these in the next