Solaris 10 move…

I’ve upgraded my workstation today to Solaris 10 (from Solaris 9 update 6).
For building and testing Directory Server,
I don’t need the leading edge operating system (and in fact, it is
better to keep a referenced version). So I’ve never taken the time to
upgrade. Now that Directory Server 5.2 patch 3 is done and waiting for
Sun Java Enterprise System 2005Q1 to be released, I’ve decided it was
time to give my workstation and desktop environment a little lifting.
After rebooting the workstation over the network, and clicking a few
times the Next button, the upgrade procedure started and about 20
minutes later, it was done: Solaris 10 was booting and the new login
page showed up.
While I was in the mood for change, I’ve also changed my window manager
and desktop environment for the Java Desktop 3. It’s slick and FAST…
I’ll be exploring Solaris 10 features and changes over the next
days. But for sure, I’ll be recommending my coworkers and others to
move as soon as possible.

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