iGalaxy Directory Server

There was an article a couple of days ago here on Information Week about open sourcing Sun Java Enterprise System is , with quotes from our COO, Jonathan

But little is said about the on-going effort to make soon to be open-sourced Red Hat Directory Server (formely know as Netscape Directory Server) and Sun Java System Directory Server 
converge to a single open source code base to provide the best, most
performant and scalable directory service, with complete
interoperability on all OSes: the iGalaxy Directory Server.

5 thoughts on “iGalaxy Directory Server

  1. Jaime Cardoso 01 April 2005 / 07:54

    I was under the impression that not even Netscape had full rights on the source of Directory Server. Didn’t they bought some components to someone else?
    I think my question is, can RedHat (or Sun) Open the Directory source without some major rewrites to it?

  2. Ludo 01 April 2005 / 08:25

    Correct. There are some parts of the code that are coming from someone else and open sourcing Directory Server requires to make some cleanup and possibly rewrite some parts. This is the reason why Red Hat who has started this effort as far as I know, does not mention any date for when their code will be open sourced.
    But this is true for any existing code that wants to be opened… First an assessment of who owns the code must be made, and then possibly some parts need to be redone.

  3. Superpat 01 April 2005 / 12:58

    I guess the next phase would be iUniverse Directory Server – porting to other targets such as PalmOS, Xbox and such?

  4. james governor 08 April 2005 / 04:38

    the redhat iplanet integration i knew nothing at all about. VERY interesting. CDDL versus GPL? hmm.. – or is this an april fool?

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