Solaris 10 on the laptop ?

Mark has installed Solaris 10 on his Toshiba Tecra M1 laptop (which is exactly the same as mine).
He is still in the process of configuring the various pieces and
installing the required software to be able to work anywhere, but it
really look promising (and it really looks nice).
I’ll wait until he has managed to get WiFi to work on this centrino beast to install it on mine…

2 thoughts on “Solaris 10 on the laptop ?

  1. Tim Foster 08 April 2005 / 13:21

    Yep – should be okay, so long as the Centrino chipset isn’t the ipw2200, not sure we’ve got that one supported yet.
    I’m typing this, running snv_11 on a Toshiba M100, wirelessly connected to my network upstairs : Solaris on a laptop, definitely !

  2. Alex Goncalves 20 April 2005 / 05:45

    Great! I’ll be looking out for updates, and do the cross over myself too!

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