Publicly facing the future…

As it’s already been pointed out by Neil, we have quietly introduced the OpenDS Directory Service to the world.
Capitalizing on a decade of experience and leadership in the directory market, we’ve started to prepare our future. So OpenDS is the foundation for our next generation of Directory Service, and we’re doing it in Java, as an Open Source project, open and publicly.
The code is accessible, a build is available for you to download and take a look. Right now, it’s mostly an LDAPv3 server with basic operations. And we’ve also published a lot of documentation about the architecture, how to install and configure, and how to contribute.
We know this will raise a large number of questions, so we’ve tried to address some of them in the FAQ.
So come and give us a visit… or
And join the community !

Tags: LDAP, Directory Server, OpenDS