Paris Identity Management User Group (March 21st 2007)

Last week a Sun Identity Management User Group meeting was held in Paris. The attendance was really good, and in fact exceeded the room capacity as several customers turned out without pre-registering. I was really impressed by the diversity of customers, and the fact that they were coming from all over Europe (Czech republic, Slovakia, Lithuania, Poland, Greece, Italy, Portugal, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, UK, France, …).

The Identity Marketing team came in force with Andy Land, Don Bowen and Etienne Remillon (left to right).

Identity Management Marketing Team

Etienne, Directory Senior product manager, presented Directory Server Enterprise Edition 6.0 and demoed the new graphical console : Directory Service Control Center, and Virtual Directory Server.

Overall it was a good day of interaction with our customers, trying to understand their needs and their issues with our identity management products. If you’re a Sun customer, using Directory Server or other Sun Identity product, I would strongly encourage you to participate. Your feedback is important for us.

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