JavaOne is over, next is Jazoon

JavaOne is over and once again it has been so busy during the week that I did not have the time to turn on the laptop and post here.

On the OpenDS booth, we’ve been pretty busy, explaining the project, its goals and the two demos that we’ve built on top of the directory server: an OpenID Identity Provider and an Atom / APP server. Our 0.8 release got some interest as we’ve seen a serious increase in our downloads and page views.

The Atom / APP server will be released in open-source as a sub-project of OpenDS.

The OpenID identity provider specific code for OpenDS will be contributed back to project.

I’ve been able to attend a few sessions:

  • "JMX : who does what ?" brilliantly presented by Eamonn McManus and Jean-Francois Denise.
  • "High-Performance Java Technology in a Multicore World"
  • "Garbage-Collection-Friendly Programming"
  • "Beyond blogging: feeds in action" by Dave Johnson.
  • "Identity 2.0 in Java"

The fun part of JavaOne is always James Gosling general sessions on Toys and fun stuff, and Java Real Time got a good share of it with Dancing Robots, an industrial-strength Robot arm and even an helicopter.

Gosling, Java Fun and Toys

I’m going to take a few days off to recover from the May madness but not too long as I have to finalize the presentation that I will be giving on OpenDS at Jazoon 2007.
Jazoon Logo

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