We made it !

Paris Las VegasIt was quite a long trip yesterday from Grenoble to Las Vegas, through Paris and Newark. Being trapped in planes the whole day was not so much fun, especially as the entertainment system in the transatlantic flight was out of service (although we -I and the other 30 other Sun French employees heading to Sun CEC- are a 2 minutes of entertainment as we watched Linux booting the system). But not being able to support the French Rugby team in their quarter-final against New Zealand was harder. We got the half-time score (3 -13) via SMS during the Newark stop. And when we landed in Las Vegas, many phones started to bip as the SMS announcing the victory of the French team could finally reached us. France had won 20 to 18. And I am proud to see the French flag floating here on the front of the Paris Las Vegas hotel .

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One thought on “We made it !

  1. Alexis MP 07 October 2007 / 22:43

    On a bouffé du black! 🙂
    -Alexis qui était en Grèce et qui n’a rien vu non plus…

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