CEC 2007, Directory Server tricks and tips…

I’m done with the “work” part of the CEC. Earlier this afternoon, Terry and I did our presentation on Directory Server 6, doing a deep dive into the database and explaining some tips for tuning and benchmarking DS.

Here’s a picture of the attendees captivated by Terry’s part.

Dsc 7123

If you had questions you couldn’t ask, don’t hesitate to drop Terry or me an email.

And thanks to all the attendees and especially the ones that came to say hi or ask further questions at the end of the hour.

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2 thoughts on “CEC 2007, Directory Server tricks and tips…

  1. Anonymous 11 October 2007 / 09:05

    The tricks , would it be availabe in yr blog ?

  2. Ludo 13 October 2007 / 10:20

    The presentation was intended for Sun employees and partners. The presentation will be available to the target audience like all other presentations of the CEC. But it’ll not be posted externally nor linked here.

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