OpenDS 1.0.0-build006 is now available.

We have just uploaded OpenDS 1.0.0-build006, built from revision 3294 of our source tree, to our weekly builds folder. The direct link to download the core server is The direct link to download the DSML gateway is

We have also updated the archive that may be used to install OpenDS via Java Web Start. You may launch that using the URL, or visit for more information.

NOTE: — Even though it is displayed as an option in the QuickSetup installer, we do not support upgrading from previous OpenDS builds to the 1.0.0-build006 release. There are some changes in this release that are not backward compatible with the configuration used by previous releases, and these changes may cause upgrade to fail.

Detailed information about this build is available at

The biggest change in this build is a renaming of properties and their associated configuration attributes. The documentation wiki has been updated to reflect the changes.

We recognize that we’ve been having a little hiccup with regular builds. We’re expecting to come back to more regular builds now.

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