OpenDS 1.0.0-build008 is now available

We have just uploaded OpenDS 1.0.0-build008, built from revision 3463 of our source tree, to our weekly builds folder. The direct link to download the core server is:

The direct link to download the DSML gateway is:

We have also updated the archive that may be used to install OpenDS via Java Web Start. You may launch that using the URL, or visit for more information.

Detailed information about this build is available at

Major changes incorporated since OpenDS 1.0.0-build007 include:

  • Revision 3369 (Issue #2509) — Fix a problem where a non-global ACI containing an “extop” keyword target was erroneously being evaluated for all operations, instead of for extended operations only.
  • Revision 3370 — Fix the computation of the replication generationID when a backend contains multiple suffixes.
  • Revision 3371 (Issue #2487) — Fix a problem where the server was not updating the task entry when trying to initialize cn=schema between two servers.
  • Revision 3384 (Issue #2350) — Fix error messages on replicationChanges database and null pointer exceptions when doing export-ldif without running as a task.
  • Revision 3388 — Provide the ability to configure workflows manually. Up to now, a workflow was created automatically for each base DN in the backends. When new suffixes or backends were added, the associated workflows were created. Workflows were deleted as suffixes or backends were removed. In this new manual mode, every workflow in the server must be defined explicitly in the configuration. By default, the server runs in automatic configuration mode.
  • Revision 3395 — Fix issues where the JE backend did not handle attributes with options and subtypes correctly when they were being indexed.
  • Revision 3397 (Issue #2499) — Add a server property to allow the use nanoseconds instead of milliseconds in etime measurements.
  • Revision 3398 — Ensure consistency between the status and dsconfig command-line utilities.
  • Revision 3399 (Issue #2321) — Fix an issue where replication initialization was terminating with “STOPPED_BY_ERROR”.
  • Revision 3400 (Issue #2520) — Fix an issue where the heartbeat monitor was causing connections to be closed too soon.
  • Revision 3401 — Update the build script so that it correctly sets the maximum amount of memory available when running the compileadmin target.
  • Revision 3403 (Issue #2492) — Fix a problem in which the server would refuse to allow an entry to be modified if it was associated with an invalid or nonexistent password policy.
  • Revision 3404 (Issue #2559) — Update the server root DSE to include the supportedLDAPVersion attribute.
  • Revision 3405 (Issue #2263) — Provide the ability to initialize the schema between two servers.
  • Revision 3407 — Ensure consistency between the setup, status and dsconfig command-line utilities.
  • Revision 3408 — Ensure consistency between the CLI and GUI setup with regard to proposed LDAP ports.
  • Revision 3411 (Issue #2263) — Setup now automatically initializes the schema of the local server with the schema of the remote server. A new argument has been added to dsreplication enable to allow the user to specify which server should be used to initialize the schema of the other.
  • Revision 3419 — Update the installer and dsreplication commands to correctly handle the case where an instance was uninstalled, but the registry was not properly cleaned up.
  • Revision 3420 (Issue #2572) — Fix the case where dsreplication initialize completed but entries were missing.
  • Revision 3422 — Add consistency between the dsreplication and setup commands with regard to the value proposed for the local host fully qualified name.
  • Revision 3423 — Add consistency between the interactive installer and the dsconfig, setup and status commands in the format used to present certificates.
  • Revision 3426 (Issue #2575) — Fix a problem in which a timeout occurred when reading monitoring information on the server. The timeout has been increased from 10 to 30 seconds to give it sufficient time to read the topology.
  • Revision 3427 (Issue #2577) — Fix a problem where the replication generationID was not correctly saved in the schema backend files and provide the ability to store user attributes in the schema backend.
  • Revision 3428 — Amend the dsreplication command to state explicitly that a fully qualified host name is required.
  • Revision 3429 (Issue #2574) — Fix an issue in which the properties file was not taking the value of the bindPasswordFile into account.
  • Revision 3433 (Issue #2580) — Update the internal operations API so that it is easier to include controls in internal operations. These changes are fully backward compatible, so that any existing code that used the internal operations API will still work without the need to update anything.
  • Revision 3434 (Issues #1979, 2581, and 2420) — Fix several issues related to the JEB backend.

    The db directory is now created automatically if it does not already exist. When changing the db directory, a message is now displayed to let the user know the files will have to be manually moved and the backend restarted.

    The backend no longer uses the Database.count method in JE. The count is now obtained from the id2subtree index. If the count is not maintained or the index is corrupt, it will fall back to using Database.count.
  • Revision 3435 — Update the dsreplication command to be consistent with dsconfig in the use of menus and in the order in which connection parameters are requested. Update the upgrade command to use the same menus as the other commands. Add minor changes in the uninstall command to be more consistent with dsconfig in the order in which connection parameters are provided. Fix a bug in ApplicationTrustManager related to the accepted certificates when there is a mismatch between the certificate and the host name.
  • Revision 3436 — Do not add adminUidArg to the list of attributes by default. Leave this up to the tools using this attribute.
  • Revision 3443 — Fix an issue with the uninstall and dsreplication commands in which all certificates were accepted automatically. Now the user is prompted to accept non trusted certificates.
  • Revision 3444 — Add an administrative action for log file modifications.
  • Revision 3447 (Issue #2582) — Enable support for a properties file in the setup, uninstall, and dsreplication commands.
  • Revision 3449 (Issue #2588) — Fix a NullPointer exception when enabling replication.
  • Revision 3452 (Issue #2424) — Add the capability to clear the generation ID in a replicated topology.
  • Revision 3453 (Issue #2597) — Fix exception errors generated when restarting a replication server.
  • Revision 3454 (Issue #2424) — Ensure that LDAP server that has already sent changes cannot replicate with an empty replication server.
  • Revision 3455 (Issue #2424) — Add two subcommands to the dsreplication command: pre-external-initialization and post-external-initialization. These subcommands are used to ensure that a replicated topology continues to work when the entire data set is changed by using import-ldif, or binary copy.
  • Revision 3456 — Phase 1 of support for Advanced Properties. Tag advanced properties and clean up various XML definitions.
  • Revision 3460 (Issue #1829) — Provide additional support for Advanced Properties. Update the admin framework and dsconfig to support tagging of component definitions as advanced and customizable:

    – advanced components: these will not be displayed by default in dsconfig. Examples include the various system backends.

    – customizable components: these components are tagged as intended for customization using the CLI XML profile. Customizable components are usually the top level components previously referred to as “generic” by dsconfig. This term confused users who would, for example, mistake a “generic” backend for a JE backend.
  • Revision 3461 (Issue #1618) — Fix a problem on windows where it was not possible to install to a folder with DN syntax.
  • Revision 3462 (Issue #1829) — Tag components as advanced or intended for customization.

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