OpenDS QA Lead makes the front page on

The article published by Gary Williams, QA lead for the OpenDS project, and Marina Sum, technical writer for Sun Developers Network, has been picked by and promoted on the front page.

QA for OpenDS Article on Java.Net front page

Nice work Gary and Marina !

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OpenDS Tips: Multiple suffixes with OpenDS

When installing OpenDS, you’re asked to define a Base DN (aka Suffix, aka Naming Context) for your directory instance. A default is proposed : dc=example,dc=com.

OpenDS supports multiple suffixes per backend and multiple backends.

The Control Panel allows you to easily add suffixes to the current backend or to a new backend.

OpenDS Control Panel: New Suffix

You can also do it through the dsconfig command line tool.

$ dsconfig set-backend-prop --backend-name userRoot --add base-dn:dc=MyCompany,dc=com
--hostname localhost --port 4444 --bindDN cn=Directory\ Manager --bindPassword ********
--trustAll --noPropertiesFile --no-prompt
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