OpenDS Tips: More on preferences for OpenDS tools

Opends Logo Tag In the previous tip for OpenDS, the LDAP directory server in Java, I’ve explained how to set default properties for the OpenDS client tools such as dsconfig, backup, restore…

One of the developers on the OpenDS project reminded me with 2 additional options related to those preferences:

When working with multiple instances of OpenDS, it’s convenient to store the specific properties for each instance in a file, and then use the –propertiesFilePath option.

$ dsconfig –propertiesFilePath ./opends-Master2 set-server-prop …

Alternately, it is possible to avoid using the default properties’ file, and use the OpenDS tools with a different and remote instance, with the –noPropertiesFile option.

$ dsconfig set-backend-prop —backend-name userRoot —add base-dn:dc=MyCompany,dc=com

—hostname localhost —port 4444 —bindDN cn=Directory\ Manager —bindPassword ******

—trustAll —noPropertiesFile —no-prompt

You can find more details on the file on OpenDS documentation wiki.

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