OpenDS 2.2 has been released !

Opends Logo TagThe OpenDS development team is very happy to announce the immediate availability of OpenDS 2.2.0.

The Sun team is also announcing the release of Sun OpenDS Standard Edition 2.2, a commercial offering based on OpenDS 2.2.0.

OpenDS is an LDAPv3 compliant directory service written entirely in Java. With less than 5 months since the availability of OpenDS 2.0, the new release brings several new features and enhancements :

  • New scalable Import and Indexing feature allows to import 10 M entries in less than a half hour
  • External Changelog is activated with Replication to search and retrieve data updates
  • Fractional Replication, to specify which attributes to include or exclude in replication
  • Extensible matching rules for date and time based attributes to define time based access control rules
  • Support for custom syntaxes based on substitutions, regular expressions or enumerations
  • Remote server management in the Control Panel
  • Improved replication management and grouping, tested with up to 8 masters
  • Recurrent Tasks in the Control Panel to automate backups
  • Dsconfig script friendly mode

OpenDS 2.2.0 is the promotion of OpenDS 2.2.0-RC4, built with revision 6181 of the b2.2 branch, to stable status.

You can download it as a Zip file or install it now with the Java WebStart Installer.

As with previous stable releases, we’ve taken a snapshot of the documentation wiki. Links are still being verified and some screenshots might be updated in the coming days, but the content is complete.

You can find more information about OpenDS 2.2 in the release notes. And if you’re considering deploying in production and you’re looking for support options, please check Sun OpenDS Standard Edition 2.2, built on the same code.

I’d like to thank all the members of the community who have helped us to make OpenDS 2.2 a better release, and especially those who helped with translations : Marek Roszkowski and Bartłomiej Pelc for the Polish translation, Christian Brennsteiner for the German one, and all those who have created issues in the Issue Tracker : crstop, robdale, ajangity, swtet2003, soonleong, stroeder, ogr. My thanks are also going to the chatters on the IRC channel that are providing enormous feedback.

New features and enhancements have already been committed on the trunk and are available for test in daily builds. Please check the OpenDS roadmap for more details on coming features, and possible contribute to it.

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