OpenDS 2.3.0-build002 is now available…

Opends Logo TagWe have just uploaded OpenDS 2.3.0-build002, a new snapshot from the development branch of the OpenDS project, to the promoted-build repository.

OpenDS 2.3.0-build002 is built from revision 6400 of our source tree.

The direct link to download the core server is:

The direct link to download the DSML gateway is:

We have also updated the archive that may be used to install OpenDS via Java Web Start. You may launch that using the URL, or visit for more information.

Detailed information about this build is available at, including the detailed change log

Major changes since OpenDS 2.3.0 build001 include :

  • Multiple improvements on the Control Panel and the Setup
  • Multiple incremental improvements with the External Changelog, including reliability and performance (Issue #4478)
  • Upgraded the version of the Berkeley DB Java Edition to 4.0.95
  • Final fix for issue #4367, removing the need for BDB logging configuration via properties
  • Fixes some memory leaks with lots of connects and disconnects (Issue #4491)
  • Resolves a NPE when using Extensible Matching filters without matching rule OID (Issue #4385)
  • Fixes an issue (#4539) with the DSML gateway with JAXB and some Application Servers
  • Fixes an issue (#4492) in ACI where an NPE would occur when the base entry contains a single RDN component
  • Improves the reliability of the OpenDS Windows Services (Issues #4084 and #4381)
  • Resolves issue #4523 where ACI and sub-entry caches were not updated on replicas
  • Resolves issue #4538 where Virtual attributes would not be retrieved when the entry cache is configured
  • Fixes an issue with access controls that would give different results for cn=Directory Manager and plain user (Issue #4547)
  • Enhances the support and compliance of LDAP subentry, Collective attributes and Password Policy
  • Resolves several issues with Replication including Issues #4514, #4533 and #4534, and enhance the way Replication servers are electing servers they connect to (Issue #4343)
  • Renamed the extensions directory to “experimental”. The only experimental extension is the ArisID privacy control
  • Fixes several issues related to building OpenDS, especially on Windows.

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3 thoughts on “OpenDS 2.3.0-build002 is now available…

  1. Dave 04 May 2010 / 16:03

    Awesome to see Oracle still sponsoring this. I love OpenDS – keep up the brilliant work 🙂

  2. Aleksandar 07 May 2010 / 06:04

    How can I get these these builds through maven? I want to use opends embedded in a testsuite and use maven for dependency management.

  3. Ludovic Poitou 07 May 2010 / 06:47

    OpenDS builds are not available in Maven repositories, for now.
    OpenDS is not built with Maven and no one has yet volunteered the scripts or factory to produce OpenDS artifacts and upload them to a repository.
    We do understand that it’s an important feature for the consumers of the project but it’s not that important for those who are building OpenDS based products.

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