Hello ForgeRock !

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In my last post I said that I was moving to other ventures. My future has a name and the people who are following me on LinkedIn or Twitter have seen it already. I’ve been invited to join ForgeRock and drive the directory services products, complementing the I3 Open Platform.

So on October 1st, we have publicly announced the latest addition to ForgeRock portfolio : OpenDJ, the Open source Directory services in Java. OpenDJ is based on OpenDS, an open source project initiated by Sun Microsystems on which I’ve worked for 4 years.

You can download OpenDJ 2.4 beta 1 from the download repository, or install it directly using Java Web Start.
The source code is available on our SVN repository and you can browse through it with FishEye.
Please report any issue or request for new features in our issue tracking tool (Jira)
And if you want to join the project and participate, you’re more than welcome.

I will remain in the Grenoble area, France where we will soon be opening an engineering center.

4 thoughts on “Hello ForgeRock !

  1. Dave 28 October 2010 / 03:13

    Great to hear 🙂

  2. Merle Dominique 28 October 2010 / 13:52

    Bonjour Ludo,

    Je te souhaite beaucoup de réussite dans ton nouveau job.


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