Happy birthday IzPack

IzPack, the open source, Java based, cross-platform packager installer project is celebrating its 10th birthday with 2 releases and an impressive list of companies using the technology.

In OpenDJ, we have our own Java based (Java WebStart based) installer, but if I had to redo it, I would definitely pick IzPack to build it, for its easiness, cross-platform support and great look and feel.

Long live to IzPack !

A couple of News feeds for OpenDJ and ForgeRock

The OpenDJ development team has its own blog now. You will find news, tips and other information about the Open source ldapv3 Directory services in Java.

On the same topic, there is now an aggregator of news feeds related to ForgeRock that has been set and you can read all the news from a single place : http://blogs.forgerock.org/aggregator/