The 3rd international LDAP Conference is coming this year

The conference is happening once every other year, so with the plethora of conferences here and there, it’s quite easy to forget about it. But LDAPCon 2011, the 3rd international Conference on LDAP has been announced and will take place in October 10-11 2011 in Heidelberg, Germany.

LDAPCon brings together vendors, developers, active LDAP practitioners, system administrators to share their experiences about service operations, interoperability, application development and discuss LDAP at large, in a friendly and passionated athmosphere. It’s a unique occasion to discuss with the developers of most LDAP related projects, seed them with new ideas, learn the under-documented tips and tricks about your favorite server or library, or exchange with other users and system administrators about the best practices around LDAP directory services and applications.

A Call for Papers have been raised. You have up to July 8th 2011 to submit your talk. You can find all details, important dates or topic ideas on the LDAPCon CFP page.

Don’t miss the conference, it’s only happening every 2 years. I hope I’ll see you in Heidelberg.

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