OpenDJ Tip: Auto-completion of dsconfig command

With OpenDJ LDAP directory services, a single command-line tool, dsconfig, is used to manage every configuration parameter of the server.

The dsconfig command has several modes and useful options, some of them are not well known. So let me repeat them.

  • interactive mode: if started with no parameter or no command, the tool goes in interactive mode. This is a nice way to discover the various parts of OpenDJ configuration.
  • advanced mode: There are really a lot of configuration parameters in OpenDJ, so not all of them can be read or set by default. An advanced mode allows to view and edit the hidden ones.
  • scripted mode: dsconfig can be used with a file containing several commands, and will call them one after the other.
  • teaching mode: if the option –displayCommand is used in interactive mode, it will display the complete command to use for non interactive mode, or for scripted mode.
But regardless of the different modes, there are really too many commands and options to remember. So shell completion can come to the rescue.
Just insert the following lines in your .bashrc or .cshrc file.


complete -W "`bin/dsconfig --help-all|grep '^[a-z].*'`" dsconfig


set DSC = `<OpenDJPath>/bin/dsconfig --help-all|grep '^[a-z].*'`
complete dsconfig "p/1/($DSC)/"

And now type bin/dsconfig set[TAB] and the list of commands appears magically…

$ dsconfig set-password-[TAB][TAB]
set-password-generator-prop       set-password-storage-scheme-prop
set-password-policy-prop          set-password-validator-prop
$ dsconfig set-password-

2 thoughts on “OpenDJ Tip: Auto-completion of dsconfig command

  1. Vladimir Dzhuvinov 20 June 2011 / 15:21

    Hah, didn’t know setting up autocomplete for a shell program was so easy!!! Thanks for this great tip!!!

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