OpenDJ 2.4.4 is now available

Months goes by, but the pace of releases remains. Today, I’m happy to announce that a new revision of OpenDJ, the open source LDAP directory server in Java has just been released. OpenDJ 2.4.4 is an update release of the OpenDJ project and improves reliability  by resolving issues found around the External Change Log, Replication, Password Policy and GSSAPI. It also resolves a memory leak that occurred with specific LDAP extended operations, such as the Password Modify Extended Operation. The full details about the release have been posted in the OpenDJ 2.4.4 Release Notes.

The release is built out of revision 7357 of the b2.4 branch of the code repository.

As usual, you can find every thing on the OpenDJ Downloads page:

The draft documentation for OpenDJ, and more specifically the Administration Guide, has been updated on the OpenDJ project site, still on the track for an accurate, reviewed version for OpenDJ 2.5.

Feedback is important to us and you can participate on the IRC channel, the mailing lists or join our community.

Enjoy !

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