Productive meetings !

Last week, I’ve spent 3 days in meetings in a remote location in UK. We had our product management get together event, reviewing our product strategy and plans. These meetings have been long, intense, lively and highly productive.

One of the reason for being productive, and also a major reason for me to have seemed to disappear from the surface of the earth, was that we were in a location with almost no network connectivity. No Internet, no wifi, and barely enough telephone bandwidth to check email status for the few lucky to have roaming option. Even mobile phone connectivity was random depending on the room in which we were.

But the place was great, we had plenty of space, some distractions [1] , some of which we kept until the very end of the meetings [2] and we enjoyed the master cooking of our VP [3].




Of couse it did help that there was no way we could have escaped : 

The outcome of the meetings is a huge task list, which does include more blogging. And it’s easier with a network access !

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