Tab sweep, Easter edition, and upcoming events

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Articles and links

Action Identity has posted a couple of articles about ForgeRock products:

Our friends at ProfiQ have posted an article describing how to use OpenDJ with Red-Hat Certificate System.

While talking about using OpenDJ with LDAP enabled applications, we try to maintain a page on OpenDJ documentation wiki with different tutorials on how to configure OpenDJ client applications.

Upcoming Events

ForgeRock will be present at the European Identity and Cloud Conference (EIC), April 17-20 in Munich.

We will also be participating to Devoxx France, April 18 to 20 in Paris. I will be co-speaking on Thursday 19, 7pm about Open Source in France, and will be available for individual meetings from Thursday morning to Friday end of afternoon. So, if you want to discuss about ForgeRock products or job opportunities, send me a mail, or leave a comment.