Tab Sweep Summer Edition

Closing tabs and removing bookmarks in my browser before going on vacation, I ought to post a few links before :

ForgeRock is growing and I’m happy to count Chris Ridd as a new member of the OpenDJ team. Chris’ main focus will be support and sustaining, but he’s already started building knowledge information and posted an article on our wiki about using Eclipse for OpenDJ development; and has a new feature enhancement in progress.

Open source projects likes other open source projects. For the last few months, Silverpeas has been running demos, testing with the OpenDJ LDAP directory service. They’ve moved one step closer with integrating OpenDJ in their unit test framework, posted the JUnit module on GitHub, and documented the process. A French version of the article is also available.

Bill Nelson keeps on publishing snippets of the OpenDJ Administration, Maintenance and Tuning class, and this week posted an Architecture overview of the OpenDJ directory server.

Version 2.0 of the LDAP Synchronization Connector (LSC-Project) has been released. I need to give a try to the new version, as LSC has been proved to be helpful for migrating directory services.

Dave Koelmeyer wrote a simple article, yet very useful, describing how to enable LDAP secondary group memberships with Ubuntu 12.04 and OpenDJ.

Phil Lembo, alias ELDAPO, posted a short article to describe how to update the JVM version used by OpenDJ. There are some good reasons for enforcing some stickiness with the version of the JVM, but controlling the runtime environment for a service that can be critical is the major one.

Have I already mentioned that we’re hiring ? If you’re a developer, have some good object oriented programming experience with Java, and want to live close to the Alps, enjoying cycling, hiking or hand-gliding during summer time and skiing or snowboarding in winter, then you should apply now.

At Pipay, 15 km from ForgeRock Grenoble Engineering Center

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