OpenDJ Roadmap Update…

OpenDJ-300x100It took us some time to evaluate and refine the roadmap for OpenDJ, but it’s finally there. We’ve updated the Roadmap on the wiki, and set a date for the next release of OpenDJ.

The first change decided is that the next release will be versioned 2.6. We got the feedback that the versioning scheme with Xpress releases and final releases with the same version number is confusing. Moving forward, we will try to keep the following scheme : a stable release will have an even minor number and development releases will have an odd number.

We’ve also set the date for the release to end of Q2 of 2013 (end of June).

The REST to LDAP service has now been integrated in OpenDJ server, although not fully featured yet. The team is working really hard to deliver the remaining features by June, and closing the few remaining important defects. If you want to start evaluating the REST to LDAP service, just grab a recent nightly build. Mark is doing a great job of documenting the REST features as they become available.

We will soon make the RPM and Debian packages available for tests with the nightly builds, along with the new upgrade mechanism, and then enter a cycle of stabilization before the 2.6.0 release.

Feedback is important for us, so please download and test the nightly builds, report success via email or issues in our bug tracking tool.