OpenDS Tab Sweep

It’s been a while since I last posted an OpenDS tab sweep. So here’s a list of news and pointers related to our open source LDAP directory server.

PCQuest Top Story this month is about the Top 10 Enterprise Open Source Apps, which include OpenDS and an article on Managing Identities with OpenDS.

The OpenDS project is starting to demonstrate its maturity. Several startups and software companies are now officially supporting OpenDS.

IconcurldapintegrationiConcur Software delivers new Axiom a Requirements management tool integrates by default with OpenDS.

Bonitasoft, the leader in open source Business Process Management (BPM) and a Grenoble based company, uses OpenDS for testing its support of LDAP repositories and praises it to its own customers, for its ease of use. Ask @rodrigue !

Symeos, another high profile French startup is building its Symeos Appliance Framework on open source projects including GlassFish, OpenSSO and OpenDS.

Janua, a French IT services company specialized in identity projects has included OpenDS in its product offering and has just launched a new site for its LDAPTools.

Sopera, a german company building open source SOA is integrating OpenDS in its development tools and offering, as shown on the screenshot below (courtesy of SpringSource)

SOPERA ASF ToolSuite partial screenshot

Also in the recent days a couple of new LDAP browsers appeared.

Finally, in a introductory article titled Microsoft Azure for the Dummies, Ernest regrets the lack of flexibility in the PaaS plans from Microsoft and suggest that Java based OpenDS directory Server as a good alternative for running your own LDAP service on MS infrastructure.

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Integrating OpenDS and Samba as a Primary Domain Controler…

Opends Logo Tag

Samba Logo

A few weeks ago, I was exchanging emails with one of the members of our community who was having issues with adding Samba related schema to OpenDS. The exchange turned into a few issues raised against OpenDS and a couple of builds later, he happily reported having all his problems solved and having a fully functional Primary Domain Controler running on his Ubuntu machine. And he immediately posted a detailed How To Guide on the OpenDS wiki.

I haven’t tried to reproduce the settings, but if you need to run Samba with LDAP on your server, you might want to check OpenDS and follow the steps to get it running.

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