The end of a chapter

After almost 12 years, I’ve decided to close the ForgeRock chapter and leave the company.

Now that the company has successfully gone public, and has been set on a trajectory to lead the Identity industry, it was time for me to pause and think about what matters to me in life. So I’ve chosen to leverage the exciting experience I’ve gained with ForgeRock and to start giving back to the startups in my local community.

But what an incredible journey, it has been! I joined the company when it had a dozen employees, I was given the opportunity to found the French subsidiary, to start an engineering center, build an amazing team of developers and deliver some rock solid, highly scalable products. For this opportunity, I will always be thankful to the amazing 5 Founders of ForgeRock.

The ForgeRock Founders: Hermann, Victor, Lasse, Steve, Jonathan.

I have nothing but good memories of all those years, the amazing events organized for all the employees or for our customers. There has been many IdentityLive events (formerly known as Identity Summits), there has been fewer but so energizing Company Meetings, in Portugal, Greece, USA, Italy.

I’ve worked with a team of rock-star product managers, from which I’ve learnt so much:

I’ve hired and built a team of talented and software engineers, some of them I’ve known for 20 years:

I don’t have enough space to write about all the different things we’ve done together, at work, outside work… But yeah, we rocked!

Overall those 12 years have been an incredible and exciting journey, but what made the journey so exceptional is all the persons that have come along. Without you, nothing would have been the same. Thank you ! Farewell but I’m sure we will meet again 😍