Prehistory of LDAP by Colin Robbins

Colin Robbins has published on his blog a “Prehistory of LDAP“, which describes some of the origins of the standard.

All of this predates my involvement with LDAP, directory servers and even X.500, but I feel related to it, since the names, projects or people, he mentions are familiar to me and I had the chance to meet or even work with some of them.

Anyway, for the curious who want to understand the roots of LDAP, it’s definitely worth reading.

A timeline of LDAP directory services…

Bill Nelson,  has published the “The Most Complete History of Directory Services You Will Ever Find” (until the next one comes along), a detailed history of LDAP based directory services and products. Expect a few updates as people find about this and ask for adding new data points. But this is the most complete summary I’m aware of. I had a timeline of Sun directory products a few years ago, but Bill’s has more details.

His post includes a visual timeline of the directory service products and their heritage, linked here under, for your convenience.

Click on the picture for a full size image.

Personally, I’ve been involved with the Sun and derived lines since 1996, and now drive the ForgeRock one: OpenDJ !