OpenDJ LDAP server for Snow Leopard Server and Unix

One of the things that I appreciate with Mac OS X is that it’s based on Unix, the family of operating systems I’ve been using since my years at university.

And what’s more natural to integrate a  Unix system with other Unix systems ? Well, one point of integration for identities and services is an LDAP directory server, like OpenDJ, the Open source LDAPv3 Directory service in Java.

Phillip Steinbachs has been working on a pet project of his: providing Mac OS X desktop environment via SunRay thin-clients. For this, he needed to have his Apple Xserver boxes, running Snow Leopart Server, to be integrated within the current LDAP and NFS environment, based on OpenDS (from which OpenDJ derives). Having successfully done it, Phillip just posted a summary of the changes needed to have its integrated, including the proper schema files. A good reference post for whoever wants to integrate its Mac OS based machines with LDAP!

OpenDS 2.0 on Mac OS X with the latest JVM…

Opends2 PictoMacOSX 10.5.7There is an issue in the start and stop scripts that is preventing OpenDS 2.0 to be installed via Java Web Start on Mac OS X 10.5 with the latest version of the JVM (Update 4 a.k.a 1.6.0_13). I’ve discovered the problem at the same time we were releasing OpenDS 2.0.0 release candidate 4 which was planned to be the last release candidate. So the fix is not the release but has been committed to the trunk.

The issue is that the new JVM does use a larger default minimal heap size and reject any calls with -Xmx if the maximum heap size is smaller than its internal default (around 30MB).

Still OpenDS 2.0 can be installed on Mac OS X and used with the latest JVM, by downloading the Zip file, unzipping it and doing minor edition in the start-ds and stop-ds scripts.

$ unzip ~/Desktop/

Archive: /Users/ludo/Desktop/

creating: OpenDS-2.0.0/

inflating: OpenDS-2.0.0/upgrade

$ cd OpenDS-2.0.0/bin

In the start-ds and the stop-ds scripts, replace all occurences of the string "-Xms8M -Xmx8M" with "-client"

$ cp start-ds start-ds.orig

$ sed -e "s/-Xms8M -Xmx8M/-client/g" < start-ds.orig > start-ds

$ cp stop-ds stop-ds.orig

$ sed -e "s/-Xms8M -Xmx8M/-client/g" < stop-ds.orig > stop-ds

OpenDS QuickSetup App IconYou can now run the setup program (or launch the QuickSetup application) to install and configure the OpenDS directory server.

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