Sun Java Enterprise System 2005Q1 and a new version of Directory Server

Sun Java Enterprise System 2005Q1 has been released and it available on Sun web site.
Java ES 2005Q1 also evolved into several Suites, including the Sun Java Identity Management Suite.

This release of Java ES contains a new version of the Sun Directory Server 5, internally versioned 5.2patch 3.

What’s new in Directory Server 5.2 patch 3 ?
This micro-release brings a few features enhancement such as the
ability to move an entry within a database (MODDN operation), lots of
defects fixes and some performance improvements. And this is the first
release to be fully supported on Solaris 10, Java2 Standard Edition
5.0, and Red Hat Linux Enterprise Server 3.0 update 3.
Please check the Release Notes for the full details.

Java ES 2005Q1 and consequently Directory Server 5.2patch 3 will be
also be available on HP-UX 11i and Windows 2000 in a couple of months.

Patches to upgrade to Directory Server 5.2 patch 3 level from previous releases will be available shortly from Sun Solve.
And you can count on me to advertize the patches on this blog.