A wizard in the blogosphere…

There’s a new blogger on blogs.sun.com and not an ordinary one (if there is any ordinary person @ Sun), it’s a wizard, the Wizard of Identity Management

is the product line manager for Directory Server and there is always
some kind of magic in his eyes when he speaks about his favorite
subjects: Directory and Identity. I’ve been with Don for several years
(nearly 4 now), and he’s sharp, passionate, technically savvy and so
enthusiastic that working with him is real fun. Plus, Don and I share
something more personal: in our respective homes, we’re only surrounded
by women.

Welcome Don and spread the word about our great Identity Management Solution and Directory Server Enterprise Edition.

Pretty close to be the winner

Sun Java Directory Server Enterprise Edition 2004Q2 was a finalist in the annual eWeek Excellence Award competition, in the Authentication and User Management category but in the end didn’t win, RSA Federated Identity Manager did.

Anyway, Sun won 2 awards in this competition:

Solaris 10 on the laptop ?

Mark has installed Solaris 10 on his Toshiba Tecra M1 laptop (which is exactly the same as mine).
He is still in the process of configuring the various pieces and
installing the required software to be able to work anywhere, but it
really look promising (and it really looks nice).
I’ll wait until he has managed to get WiFi to work on this centrino beast to install it on mine…

iGalaxy Directory Server

There was an article a couple of days ago here on Information Week about open sourcing Sun Java Enterprise System is , with quotes from our COO, Jonathan

But little is said about the on-going effort to make soon to be open-sourced Red Hat Directory Server (formely know as Netscape Directory Server) and Sun Java System Directory Server 
converge to a single open source code base to provide the best, most
performant and scalable directory service, with complete
interoperability on all OSes: the iGalaxy Directory Server.