London it is…

I cannot say that I am pleased with the outcome, but it was a
competition and there has to be a winner. So the IOC has voted and
London will host the 2012 olympic games. These games are too far away
for me to know if I’ll be able to attend any event. On a personal side
I am not going to try to be part of the games (like I would have if
they happened in my country) but who knows what will happen on the
professional side…

2 thoughts on “London it is…

  1. Chris Gerhard 06 July 2005 / 12:54

    Like you said there has to be a winner. On the upside you get the Tour de France Every year, now that is cool.

  2. Robin Wilton 07 July 2005 / 06:11

    The person I feel sorry for is David Beckham: rumour has it that he actually thinks Britain ‘has won the Olympic games’… ;^)

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