Is this the biggest Directory Server in production ?

Another great Sun customer story has just been published on

This time it’s about Sina, one of the largest Web portals and a leading online media and value-added information service provider in China, who redeployed its Sun Java System Directory Server on 12 Sun Fire T1000 servers, powered by coolthreads.

But with over 230 million users in Sun Java System Directory Server, I believe that this is the largest Directory Server in production.

I’m amazed with what our customers are doing with our product, and I’m sure that this "record" (if it is one) will not stand long with Directory Server Enterprise Edition 6.0 coming soon, enabling new kinds of highly scalable and manageable directory services.

Addendum on Dec 20, 2006:

It seems that the current number of entries in the Directory is more around 120 than 230 as the article suggested. But according to one of the engineers involved in the project, the plan is to move to 600 millions soon. I’m still waiting for the deployment details: size of data, partitioning and performance numbers. May be early next year 😉

4 thoughts on “Is this the biggest Directory Server in production ?

  1. Mark Wahl 05 December 2006 / 11:13

    Are the 230m users partitioned across the 12 servers, or does each server have entries for all the users in its database(s)?

  2. Ludo 05 December 2006 / 13:04

    I do not have details for this deployment yet. Still collecting the information.

  3. Holger Meinecke 12 December 2006 / 06:56

    That’s amazing 🙂
    Would be great to get some more information, especially with regards to database sizes, cache sizes and license costs (ok I guess the latter is difficult to get, just being curious 😉 )

  4. tkudo's weblog 21 December 2006 / 15:27

    [Trackback] 先月から
    アイデンティティ管理の月いち連載 ,
    第二回目は ディレクトリ・システム .
    アイデンティティ管理の基礎と応用 (2): ディレクトリ・システム: アイデンティティ管理システム構築の第一歩
    それにしても, Ludo が紹介 してる
    Sun Java System Directory …

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