OpenDS crossing ELBE

No, OpenDS is not moving to Central Europe (where the Elbe is a major waterway).

Matthew, developer on OpenDS and located in an office near mine, showed me how ELBE, an Eclipse plugin for Browsing and Editing LDAP directories, could be with OpenDS and more specifically the instance running on his laptop :

Snapshot ELBE OpenDS 

ELBE OpenDS Schema 

ELBE is really a cool and well designed tool… I personally just wished it runs in my preferred IDE: NetBeans.


2 thoughts on “OpenDS crossing ELBE

  1. Charles Beckham 05 December 2006 / 16:08

    How come you don’t have this in NetBeans?

  2. Terry Sigle 11 December 2006 / 19:42

    Thanks for the info on this. Like you said, wish it was in NetBeans. I’m sure it’s not far off.

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