LDAP C-SDK: Merge back to Mozilla.org is done…

My colleague Anton has finished contributing back to the Mozilla.org LDAP C-SDK all of the changes, enhancements, bug fixes that we’ve been accumulated for a few years. This is available in the trunk, starting with version 6.0.2.

The LDAP C-SDK includes the C ldap libraries as well as the tools such as ldapsearch, ldapmodify and newly added ldappasswd.

The merge is a very good thing for customers and developers since there is now a single source for tools and libraries that will be delivered in Sun’s products, Solaris, Fedora and Red-Hat Linux.

Builds are not available yet, but Sun will start contributing, at least Solaris builds, since they will be the ones that we will be using from now on for Sun Java Enterprise Systems and its flagship product: Sun Java System Directory Server Enterprise Edition (slight bias 😉 ). And an up-to-date and refreshed documentation of the LDAP C-SDK and tools is on its way as well.

We owe a big thank to everyone involved and more specifically Mark,
Rich, Noriko and  Nathan, most of which we’ve worked with during the
iPlanet days (the Sun | Netscape Alliance). Despite the fact that we’ve chosen different directions, it’s still  a pleasure to work with you guys.



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