2 thoughts on “Directory Server Enterprise Edition 6.0 docs are live…

  1. Jason 28 February 2007 / 13:46

    Any plans to make the software work under SMF under Solaris 10 (and later)? Also, is the software finally zone aware? With previous versions, you could hack some of this together yourself, but then the admin utilities cease to work as well as it being questionable as a supported configuration.
    This gives the feel of a bolted-on product over something that’s well integrated into the OS. It also tends to be at odds with other pieces of Sun’s stragety with regards to virtualization and consolidation. I’d desparately love to see this fixed.

  2. Ludo 01 March 2007 / 02:42

    Yes, Directory Server 6.0 is integrated with SMF (you need to turn this on) and is Zone aware so that you can install and manage several instances in different sparse zones.

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