LDAPCon is over

The 1st International LDAP Conference ended on Friday afternoon. I had to leave a little early to catch my plane, and didn’t have the time to post the latest update. So here it is.

During the afternoon, Abdi Mohamadi (Sun) presented design and deployment considerations for scaling directories, Kostas Kalevras explained how Greek School Network centralized all LDAP data creation and modifications through Web services, and Felix Gaehtgens from Symlabs exposed in a fast and lively presentation some best practices when building LDAP based applications.

Overall it was a great conference, with interesting presentations and numerous long passionate bar discussions.

A toast to LDAP

Above members of 3 open-source Directory Server projects (OpenDS, OpenLDAP, Apache DS) raise their glasses in a toast to the LDAP community.

More photos

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